The Cathedral Church of St Peter, Lancaster

St. Peter’s Cathedral, Lancaster: The conservation, repair, re-ordering and re-decoration of a fine building of 1865 by E. G. Paley (with later work by Giles Gilbert Scott). The building had been re-ordered in the 1970s and many of its artefacts taken away. Both E. G. Paley’s work and that of Giles Gilbert Scott have now been imaginatively restored and the building has been given a new sanctuary and a complete redecoration in Gothic Revival style. All the artefacts and furniture have been designed by the Architect. This project was completed in September 1995 and received an R.I.B.A. Award in 1996. The project was published in Church Building, January 1996 “. . . here is an architect who understands the fin de siecle architectural mind not only in an extremely thorough, but also practical way. He can actually create buildings in that design-language; the rest of us can only talk about it.”